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Think about Starting a Blogging Business to Leave Your Job But Don't Know How to Start?
Are you looking to earn additional income?

Feel You Cant Set up a Blog? Your mind is so tired after working that you can't even begin thinking about how to start a new business?
Are you overwhelmed by the process it takes to start?

Feel Everyone Is Blogging So Why Try?
Do you feel you don't have anything new to add?

This is for you!

This month, we will discuss how to create a blog with clarity to increase traffic faster.

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Tackle Limiting Beliefs

Stay Motivated to Consistently Post

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About Me

My name is Fairen and I'm here to help you discover how to live the life you want to live!

I began in 2013 with a small review blog that transformed into a community blog of 10 writers designed to help authors grow, connect, and be inspired.

During the adventure of the 2020 pandemic, I realized the importance of sourcing my own everyday items. I learned to garden, preserve food, and to make my own health and beauty products. I ran into the rules that say you must do things a certain way and learned that the rules to many things are flexible. During this process, I realized how unhappy I was with my life and how stuck I felt.

I learned I was not stuck.

I learned how to look at my life honestly to uncover what is and what isn’t working, to understand where I want to be, and figure out how to get there.

Whether it be gardening, preserving food, making your own products, business, or your life, I offer simple strategies and quality homemade products to help you thrive. 

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February 13 - March 13, 2023 : How to how to create a blog with clarity to increase traffic faster.

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